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"A Network Cable Is Unplugged" when it isnt.

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Hi. Eric from Cincinnati here with a little problem. This may take a minute to explain so bare with me. First of all lets get straight to business with my exact PC specs.

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1 (build 2600)

Processor: 3.40 Intel Pentium 4. 8 kilobyte primary. 512 Secondary. Hyper-threaded(two total)

Drives: Lite-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S CD ROM

Communications: Linksys LNE100TX(v5),Marvell Yukon Gigabite Ethernet 10/100/10000Base-T Adapter, Copper RJ-45

Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co./ LTD. 81PE1000P-G Buss Clock: 2000 megahertz. BIOS: Award Software International, Inc

Memory Modules: 2560 Megabytes

Okay so now, enough with the pc specs. Here is the situation in EXACT detail.

Step 1: I move out of my apartment into a new residence. Old apartment = Cable. New apartment = DSL

Step 2: I connect to the internet with the DSL for about a hour or two. I then get disconnected several times.

Step 3: Now I cant seem to connect at all. It keeps saying "acquiring network address"

Step 4: I power cycle my modem. Still "acquiring network address"

Step 5: I swap out Ethernet cables , twice. Still no connection.

Step 6: I notice now when I plug a Ethernet cable in, no lights light up.

Step 7: It is now telling me a network cable is unplugged

Step 8: I uninstall the drivers for the network card. Reinstall them, with no result

Step 9: I replace the network card, with a old Intel PRO/100+ with the drivers... the same result "network cable is unplugged" and no visible lights on network card.

Step 10: I reformat(quick mode) my drive, reinstall windows, all drivers, only with the original network card installed, same problem

I posted this in the XP forum by accident. Anyways any help or advice would be amazing. Thanks again

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If no lights come on for the connection, you have either a bad cable, bad router port, bad NIC, or the NIC drivers have become corrupted.

Force a reinstall of the drivers first, if that doesn't do it, start eliminating the other possibilities.
NIC's fine. Cable that I was using for my desktop works fine, but it is a cable that has to be fed from a router to a NIC. So its a router issue after doing all of the troubleshooting. The router won't hold the connection wirelessly nor will it hold the connection with my 50 foot cable. I know it isnt the cable because the cable works fine when I plug straight from my modem to my laptop. My desktop NIC is older and my laptop is newer. I'm guessing my desktop NIC's does not have an auto detect and does not switch when non cat 5 cables are connected like my laptop does. I got a cat 5 and plugged that straight into my desktop's NIC and bingo, lights are green, internet is connected. So you are right, its most deffinatly a router issue. Im not sure if its a port, or the router itsself considering my laptops wireless cuts in and out with limited or no connectivity also. Tried talking to linksys and their customer support is a joke, and the product is past warrenty so they could care less. I am thinking about either replacing the router, and going with d-link. The router is about 5 years old...and I watched its activity during this to see how it was behaving. Power lights would blink on occasion, along with LAN, and port 1-4's lights would go solid, blink a few times, then go back to normal. It seems it repeates this process as if its getting a connection, but then restarts itself. No idea how to fix this. I held the reset button in for 30 seconds to try to see if it helped, but with no sucess. Has my router become a brick? Lol. Its a WRT54G.
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Well, a reset to factory defaults and reconfiguration is always a good first step when a router starts acting like it's dead. :smile:
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