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a little hdd question for you gurus

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just a little question for you computer wizzards
now im trying to put a 20 GB hdd in my dell dimention 8100 P4
the hdd has xp on it which i had in my old computer and has all my files and stuff
now i thought that this would be a streight forward thing to do just plug it in and away we go (obviously id have to install new drivers and stuff) but i try to boot up with the hdd in and it tells me
Primary harddisk drive 1 not found
secondary harddisk drive not found
error loading operating system
i've changed the jumpers all around (m) (s) (cs) but to no joy
the wierd thing is, is that i have another hdd with W2k on it and when i plug that in it works perfectly

anyways was hoping that one of you guys or girls could shine a bit of light on the matter
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You will need to reinstall the drive, it was set up for the other PC and thinks it is still there, but it's in conflict with itself because it's not finding what it knows about, but is finding what it doesn't know about, but it's generally better to fresh install anyway, keeps things running smoother.

Product Activation is the issue.

You cannot take a hard disk with WIndows XP installed on it from one computer, install it into another computer and expect it to work.

There may be a chance if the two machines are identical.

As advised you need to carry out a repair installation of XP with the hard disk installed in the machine you wish to use it in.

You will also need to call Microsoft to activate it. Tell them you had a serious hardware failure and have had to replace your main internal computer components.


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