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A list of Questions need answers, TY

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1. Two connectors attach to a HDD. Describe two things that help guarantee the correct orientation of the connectors.

2. How can you tell which wire corresponds with pin 1, when you look at the IDE ribbon bus?

3. What features of primary memory modules prevent the modules being inserted the wrong way round?
4. ATX power supply connectors have an advantage over AT style connectors. What is it?

5. PS/2 connectors are available for both keyboard and mouse. Two methods are currently used to guarantee they are plugged to the correct port. What methods?
6. SDRAM modules are also known as what?

7. CD Drives can work in three possible modes. List and describe two of these modes

8. The onion skin model describes a generic model of an operating system. Briefly describe the function of the following layers: Application, Shell, Kernel, Driver.

9. Name the mode, then describe the operation of one RAID type.

10. Which of our five senses is not appropriate for fault finding in a PC environment?

11. What is the difference between front side and backside bus?

12. Describe two possible locations for L2 cache.

13. Describe the term over-clocking as it applies to the FSB

14. In the context ‘Ultra DMA 133’ and ‘Ultra DMA 100’, what is ‘DMA’?

15. In general, what is the purpose of having L1, L2, L3 caches?

16. List three I/ O devices handled by a super I/O chip.

17. What does partitioning do to a hard disk?

18. USB 2 is supposed to offer a big increase in performance compared to which two (excluding USB 1.1) interface types?

19. Why are serial and parallel ports disappearing from PC’s, in particular, laptops?

20. All Intel CPU’s from the 386 and onward are just variations of one particular architecture. What do they all have in common, up to, but exclusive of, the Itanium?

21. Given a Pentium 100 and an i486 DX 4 100 CPU, list two reasons why the Pentium chip provides higher performance.

22. List one useful attribute, and two unhelpful attributes, of the LPX form factor.

23. Both PCI and AGP are 32 bit systems. Give two reasons why AGP is always a higher performance system than 32 bit PCI.

24. The change to PCI-E from PCI is most notably a change from what mode of transfer to what new mode?

25. PCI and VLB busses were released within weeks of each other. What two factors resulted in VLB disappearing from the market so quickly?

26. Give two reasons electrostatic safety precautions must be taken when handling modern electronics.

27. Describe one limitation to the amount of physical memory that can be accessed by a CPU.

28. Calculate the data bandwidth for a bus system that uses a 64 bit bus, and a Double Data Rate memory implementation, running at 100MHz.

29. A 72 pin SIMM has a data word size of ________ bits

30. A 184 pin DIMM has a data word size of ________ bits.

31. A sound card uses a 16 bit data word, at a 44 KHz sample speed. Explain how the sample speed and number of sample levels affect the perceived quality of the sampled signal.

32. What is different about a WIN modem, compared to a hardware modem?

33. Several ISA interrupts are reserved for system use. Name and describe one of them

34. CRT displays are high energy systems. List two types of radiation that must be considered and minimised for safety reasons.

35. Why are Gas Plasma displays limited to such big sizes in comparison to LCD displays?

36. What two chips constitute the proprietary chipsets manufactured by chipset makers?

37. Why must a video card include a BIOS chip?

38. What three elements make up the ‘total access time’ for a hard disk drive?

39. Which hard disk interface is gradually replacing EIDE for the home user and consumer?

40. You install a slightly older video card as an emergency replacement in a PC. List two possible places a driver could be located for the card.
41. A 5 pin DIN connector is a feature of which form factor mother board?

42. Give one reason why the use of SECC (slot 1) CPU mounting was discontinued

43. With the disappearance of the Slot 1, SECC cartridge types, what socket was adopted for the Pentium 111?

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if the assignment is due monday, you better start googling or read your textbook. We do not do homework here. Think of what you might actually learn if you did your own work.:grin:
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