Instead of carrying around four USB wall chargers, I decided to take a different approach by using a four port USB wall charger. When I am out travelling, whether it be with family or work, my Inateck UC4002 USB charger is a handy gadget.

I found that the capabilities of the charger extend to many devices like phones, cameras, and tablets. It's small compact size allows for a smooth operation and is convenient at any time.


The four port USB charger comes into sight with its matte white color. With a compact size measuring in at 100mm x 105mm x 32mm, users will find that it is a little bigger than an Apple TV. This compact size allows the unit to be easily tucked away underneath a desk or in a suitcase for travelling.

When looking at the edges of the charger, you will find four powered USB ports and an extremely bright blue led. On the opposite edge is an on/off switch and the power input.

Usage and Performance

The output for the USB charger is rated at 5v 1.5A per USB charging port. With this output, charging devices at 5V 6amps (30 watts) is more than enough for me.

When it came time to charge my iPad Retina, I found that the device struggled to maintain enough power. However, my iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well as my Nexus 7 all handled flawlessly.

Something I give applause to, is the "wise" USB ports that protect against damage. Using expensive devices, I needed to ensure that the Inateck would protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overcharge protection. With all four USB ports having the same prominent protection, I was happy with the end results.


In all, I have no complaints about its construction or quality. I would prefer a more attractive look as well as for the manufacturer to eliminate, or at least dim the bright front facing blue LED.

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