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A Different kind of 'CD Won't Boot'

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Right, i've formatted a friends computer, and thought i would simply be able to just insert the XP cd into the drive, set the boot order so it boots from the CD and off we go.

This was not the case

The only options available in the bios of the (may i say old computer, 300mhz) were "master, secondary" etc and no order i could change.

tried putting the cd drive as the master but errors just appeared saying it could not boot from the cd drive because it didnt support atapi or something.

i've tried booting up with win98 floppies to no avail, they keep ignoring the fact there is a HDD there and say there is no space for a swap file, even after using smartdrv.exe

This person needs their computer back soon, what can i do?! ;(

please help, thanks and kind regards.

James Hill.
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That computer is going to have serious problems running XP,
but here you go.
How to obtain Windows XP Setup boot disks
i second leroy,

its not worth runnning xp in that comp. im assuming too that computer has only 128megs of sdram. hehe, windows xp will run really slow. just tell your friend to dump that computer and get a new one.
Updating the BIOS would be useful too. If you know the exact make and model of the Motherboard, updating the BIOS should be easy. If you're unsure, when the system boots up, look in the right hand corner for a string of numbers/letters. Depressing the "Pause/Break" key may pause the screen. This number is the unique identifier for the system's BIOS. When you have this number, you can google it and find the necessary information to help guide you towards any BIOS upgrades.
thanks for the help people,

i've had xp on that computer previously and it ran fine,

thing is, even if i wanted to install windows 98, it still won't boot from the CD, even using the floppy boot disk.

i'm going to try upgrading the bios in a bit,

would taking the hard drive out, putting it in my pc and installing win98, then putting the hard drive back in the other PC work?

tried doing that with XP but it said files were missing.

i'm guessing it wont work because of the motherboard being different.

thanks again, and kind regards..

James Hill.
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There is probably no room for a swap file because,somehow,the partition
got deleted on the hard drive.
Use the link I provided above to download and creat boot floppies to install XP.
If you want to install 98,boot to the 98 floppy and run fdisk at the command
prompt,view the partiton information,if there isn't one,you need to create a
primary DOS partition and make it active.
If there is one,delete it,restart the computer,run fdisk again and create one.
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