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A couple Aspire 5670 Questions

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I have two questions regarding my Aspire 5670, both of rather basic.

1.The AC Adapter, or the charger (I can never remember what it's called) for my laptop, where can I buy a replacement? I bought my computer in April, and I just noticed that part of the cord is torn open and wire is revealed (nothing major, small tear and the wire isn't damaged) but it's bothering me and I thought I'd find a store that carries compatible chargers for when/if mine dies. I bought my laptop at CompUSA (I think Acer is their brand) but checking their online site I couldn't find anything on AC Adapters/chargers.

2.My keyboard has several letters that are starting to stick. I think there is crap underneath, but when I used canned air it only seems to have moved the dust underneath other letters. Is there a way I can safely remove the keyboard out or something so I can clean it effectively?

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Hi there,
if you look around on eBay, you can usaully find the right one, going into Computing > Laptop accessories > Power Supplies > standard > Acer and search for 'Aspire 5670' and check 'Search title and description'. Or you can search in google for 'Acer Aspire 5670 charger'.

If you tell us what country you live in, we could find one for you.

For the keyboard, you could buy a mini USB vacumme, it picks up dirt in your keyboard. Or you could take the keyboard appart, and clean it off there.
I live in the United States.

What's a mini USB vacuum? How do they work and about how much are they?
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