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a 23 pin psu cable

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ok my computer it almost new with a new mb, vid, processor, and psu. Although it keeps rebooting if i go past the bios screen. Ive been looking inside it and i noticed for some weird reason the main cable has 23 pins, seems like a whole wire is missing cause its just a hole there. That might be why its doing this, not totally sure yet. The psu is an antec truepower 430 so i would be surprised to see a defect on one of theirs.
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The missing wire is probably just the -5 volt line. Check if the missing one is pin 18 on the ATX connector. I can't seem to find good diagrams of the 24 pin connector but it just has two pairs of lines next to the 10,20 end of the old connector.

Lots of newer power supplies don't provide -5 volts anymore. -5 was removed from the ATX specification years ago so only really old motherboards depend on it. So if pin 18 (the white wire) is missing then it has nothing to do with your problem.
ohh thats surprising. Anyway any idea what might be causing it? i already switched out both sticks or ram and it didnt change anything. The Video card isnt causing it either so im really stuck here. It simply reboots and a quick flash of a blue screen appears but goes away too fast to see what it says.
wow no its the 15th pin. I cant count apparently. by the way why am i looking at a 20 pin chart for a 24 pin atx. or 23 for what mine is.

Uncle is exactly correct (as usual), they are called a 24 pin cable, but are actually a 23 with a blank one. So, don't worry about that one, it is not an issue.

Can you enter the BIOS setup menu? If so, look in there and see what the temps are and what the voltages are? This should give us a clue without going too deep into what is going on with your computer. Oh, while I am on here asking, did you use Artic Silver or the factory thermal pad when putting this unit together. Lastly, be sure to list all your specs, motherboard, video card, cpu, etc. etc. etc when posting your specs. That way we can get an idea of what your unit should look like.

Darn, almost forgot. Are you by any chance trying to use a hard drive that is not a clean format and install???? I mean, did you just take the hard drive from another computer and try to get it to work. This info should also help.

Post back when you get a chance to take a look at these issues.
I gave you a link to a 20 pin connector because I couldn't find a decent 24 pin diagram. I looked around some more and found this one.
funny i thought of that myself. I am using an old hd with an old windows xp on it. that probably is the problem but in case it isnt. Yeah i can get into bios. System temps are around 40c and goes up to like 54 and cpu is 28c. its a chaintech nf4 board with 1024 corsair ram. 6600gt, and a 3500 venice.and that silly 23 pin psu. ill do a clean install and see what happens
I am using an old hd with an old windows xp on it.
That virtually always crashes during boot unless the old motherboard and new motherboard use the same chipset. It's either a clean install or trying the SYSPREP method which has to be done before you swap motherboards.
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