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9800 pro help

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ok my prob is i have a dell 8200 1.8g and i only have a 250w power supply and i cant upgrade because dell doesnt have a 300w ps for my pc and it doesnt support third party ps either im in trouble i bought the 9800 pro ati card and it says it requiers a 300w ps :( i was thinking of installing the card anyway and disconnecting my dvd rom and my cdr to save power helppp any suggestions thanks:confused:
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Don't know how much power that will save you - since they really only draw power when they're spinning.
No DELL's:thtsbad:
That doesn't help him very much if he already has one.
my solution

my 9800 suggest at least 300W power, that is assuming 1DVD, 1 harddrive, simple system setup. if u have lot of device around, i suggest u have at least a 400W power supply. or else u will have lot of problems.

p.s. does ur computer support 8X card?? wouldnt the card have less bandwidth to play with if u only have 4x agp??

one solution is to have a 2nd AT power supply, plug the cable onto the powersupply and switch on. have that at power supply produce the power for the card.
p.s. AT power supply can switch on without connecting to mother board.

but i do suggest have a compatible computer with that card.^^

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