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9800 pro Artifacts problem

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Recently, after using my new 9800 pro for less than two weeks, there are strange artifacts / dots flickering across the screen whenever I am using a 3d application. It literally started in the middle of a gaming session and has persisted ever since.
The only thing I did the night before was upgrade to cat. 3.5 and reflash my mobo bios. I have changed both back but the problem persists.

I have also tried several of the suggestions on these boards, all with no avail. AGP fast write disabled, upping the AGP voltage, etc. Experimenting with D3d and OpenGl un UT 2003, I found that the artifacts were worse in OpenGL than D3d.

There has only been two ways that reduce/eliminate the artifacts. One is underclocking the memory to around 300Mhz... the other (at least for UT2003) is to change the color depth to 16 bit.

Is the memory on this board fried? I had it overclocked for a little bit for 3dmark03 benchmarking, but it was not that much over. Do I need to send it in for a replacement. I do not have another computer to check this gfx card on, so I want to make sure I ID the problem in case the card is not the issue. Here are the specs for my machine:

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1900+ 1.6 GHz
2x512 PC2700 DDR RAM
DirectX 9.0a
ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Driver
Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (WDM) (onboard)
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (ver.1.0) Bios F12

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What brand of Radeon do you have?

If its a Powercolour, I think that happens alot. Try reformating the comp or get new drivers from ATI.

If its something else... post back here and I'll see what's the problem.

Also: make sure that your GFX card wasn't overclocked to start with. Some GFX cards are overclocked at factory settings.
Its not a Powercolor; its "built by ATI" retail, not OEM. I've tried all sorts of drivers too, and the problem persists. It actually started going bad right after I installed the new cat. 3.5 drivers, but Im not sure if that is causing it since going back to old drivers make no difference.

The card does not appear to be overclocked. I use powerstrip and it seems to have it set at default specs for 9800 pros.

I've also tried some other things that other message boards suggested with no luck. Tried new PSU--Antec powercolor--and it was ok for about 2 min. and then same problem came back. Changing AF and FSAA makes no difference. I made sure I had the newest via 4-in-1, flashed my system bios again, and made sure that my case temp wasn't too high. Still same problem.

I think Im gonna RMA this card, unless there is something else I should try.

i can duplicate ur symptoms exactly simply by overclocking my vid card core frequency. i then bring it back down and it goes away.

also here is Valves acknowledgement to a vid hardware ploblem;

There are problems with the way that current hardware implements FSAA. If you enable it, you will see a lot of artifacts on polygon boundaries due to the way that they sample texture subrects with FSAA enabled. We are working with the harware companies and the DirectX team to make sure that future hardware doesn't have this problem. ( )

net effect==> turn off ur AA
Same problem here!

I got my Radeon AIW 9800 Pro 2 days ago, after a few minutes using it white pixels start appearing while in 3D... without any overclock!

i tryed to use another fan and the number of dots lowered until disapear, but my computer was looking like a wind tunnel!! the card suposed to work without a refrigerator or something like that!!

i returned the card and got another one with the same simptoms!!

Is it related to card revision?? is there any new ATI Bios to correct it??

or should i keep returning the cards until i find one that works?!?

Please help me.

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