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98 or 2kpro

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Ok here is the deal. a few months ago, we had a huge crash, because im a dumbass and didnt get norton. So we had a guy build a computer for us and we previously had win95 on it but with the new computer, he installed win2kpro. Im pretty much computer illiterate so i had no idea that this platform was no good for gaming (Cuz thats pretty much all i do except for mp3s and cruisin the web...). so any gamers who have had problems with win2k, please reply with ways around the problem or what else to do because as far as ive seen, WIN2K SUCKS!!!
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Have you tried looking up at the game manufactures websites to see if there are patches for 2k?
I have been using win2k since shortly after it's release and it does everything else much better than 98 except for gaming. At work (the last job) I had a dual p3 system and it wasn't uncommon to be downloading from Napster, have word and excel open, browsing two windows, chunking out a large toolpath in Mastercam, sending a seperate nc program to a machine while listening to a mp3. Win 98 would freak.

2K is superior to 98 but simply was not designed for gaming, though many games do run just fine on it.
on the W2K CD folder in I belive the support folder... there is a little program called (going on memory --if I see it I would know it) I belive--acompat.exe -- like XP will make the game think its running under a diffrent OS --doesnt fix all but it might help
Are you sure you have updated?

Check the windows update utility and get the updates. You might want to get the latest DirectX version (8.1 I think). I just tried Neverwinter Nights on my Windows 2k, and this fickle game works fantastic (on the best graphics selection). You might need to update drivers, and the windows update utility can help you out a little bit.

W2kPro is good enough that I don't completely hate Windows. I used Linux for two years, and I switched to 2k because it is decent - espescially for gaming.
I would suggest if you have the money to up grade to XP. (I may be the only one). But as far as the gaming features XP can play about the same as 98 and it has alot of the W2k features in it.
no your not the only one Der...probley the majority of the board will agree...but upgrade only after doing research to see what will carry over and what will need to be replaced...also make sure your system can handel it!!

XP ...more user and game friendly then 2000
I switched to 2000 pro a little while back from Me and im running all my games better than before. Right now I can run Red Faction, Raibow Six, Unreal Tournement, Ghost Recon, Soilder of Fortune II and Warcraft II with no problems.
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