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98 Can't see any other Operating systems

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Hello, I have a home network and my computer used to be able to see all my other computers just fine. Now that I upgraded one of them to XP I can't see it on the network, and can't play games with that computer. I have Windows 98 SE and I can't see either my XP computer or my friends ME. I don't want to upgrade to XP because it slowed my computer down immensely. Please help me figure out what the problem is. I can't see anyone in network neighborhood besides my own computer.
I have tried:
-Changing the domain name to be the same as others
-Switching from Microsoft family logon to client etc..
-Bought a new hub
-Reinstalling 98
-A number of things

Please help me.
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Welcome to the forum,

I have a couple extra questions for you and I also need a little clarification on some other things:

1)How many computers do you have on your home network all together?

2)Are you running a peer-t-peer? or NT as the server?

3)What type of network connections do you have?(10,10/100,Phone-line,Wireless)

4)What OS is the computer with the problem running, and do the other computers on your network still see each other minus the problem computer? (Note if your running XP on either a working or nonworking computer in your network let me know if its Pro or Home)

Let me know about the things above and we'll see if we can figure this out. :)
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1- I have 3 computers on my home network (98 SE, XP, ME)

2- I am running peer to peer, just bought a new hub because I thought my old one might have been too old.

3- My old hub was 10, I just bought a new one 10/100 (All our computers are connected to AT&T cable and work just fine on the internet)

4- The OS on mycomputer (The problem computer) is Windows 98 Second Edition. Yes the other computers can see each other just fine in the network neighborhood and they can all share files and see each other in games.

When I try to make a network game of Jedi Knight 2, or Counter-Strike they cannot see my games, and I cannot see theirs.

Do you have the problem computer assigned the same work-group as the others?

Also try this: When you go into Network Neighborhood I know you said you couldn't see the other computers that are on the network but see if you can directly type in their names and access them in the address bar.

IE \\Mecomputer .. let me know what happens.

Also : Are you running static IP addresses on the computers?
I've asked many people to help me on this problem. Nobody seems to know whats up. The only way my other computers can ping my 98 one is through my cable modem. When i unplug it from the uplink they cant ping the 98 one. I've gone in and changed all the settings people have advised me to and nothing is working. Maybe my network card is just messed up.
Do you have TCP/IP bindings installed for your network card, and are you running an IPX protocol on you network?

Again make sure your work-group is the same on the 98 as it is on every other one, since your not running NT you don't have to worry about choosing a domain.
Yes I am running TCP/IP and installed IPX manually off the 98 CD.

Also my workgroup is the same as the other computers.

I recently went to a lan where they could all see me and I could see them. But the guy brought a really nice switch that could see basically anything.

I recently went to a lan where they could all see me and I could see them. But the guy brought a really nice switch that could see basically anything.
:confused: I'm sorry but I don't understand that part at all...

anyway, go into your command prompt on all the computers in your network, run "ipconfig" on all of them, and post the IP & Subnets of both the non working, and working computers. Also if the cable modem is connected to your troubled system list its IP, SUBNET and GATEWAY as well, you can leave off the last 3 numbers of the IP for the cable modem if you like. :)

I need to see if there is anything in your settings that jumps out at me so to speak, thats why I need the above info.
Fist off.. XP is a real bugger when it comes to networking.. Sometimes it is perfect, sometimes it suxxors 0.o It all simply depends on what kind of a hardware setup you have I suppose. Anyways I think this will fix your networking problems just do this.

Remove all protocols from your computers. Restart them. Go into network properties and add TCP/IP, then go to properties for the TCP/IP you just added. In the IP Address tab, click the radio button that says "Specify IP Address" and add this IP Address:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask
Click ok, now your back to network configuration, now add an additional TCP/IP protocol, you dont need to change the configuration on this one. Ok now your network config should look like this:

Network Card (Whatever brand blah blah)
TCP/IP Protocol
TCP/IP Protocol
File and Print Sharing

Alright good, now you just go to the additional computers and do the same thing, only difference is when you add the IP address to the first TCP/IP you need to change it a little for each computer like so:

CPU#1 -
CPU#2 -
CPU#3 -

Etc...., Etc..., Etc.... Each computer should have its own IP Address now. Restart all computers, for some reason it may take a minute or two for your computer to startup, perhaps we confused it, gbut your network should work great now. You should be able to see all computers with no hitches.
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