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94 Ford Explorer Wont Start, W/New Battery

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Good day all
I have a 1994 Ford Explorer I just replaced the battery
and it now wont start, I jump it and it runs but as soon
as I shut it off, its dead again.
All cables are attached and I guess the altenator
works cause the truck runs after its jumped.

any ideas??

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Sounds like loose or dirty battery cables.

Use sandpaper and/or a wire brush to clean the battery posts and terminals.

You may also have a bad battery, even though it is new. If the terminals are clean and tight, it sounds like the battery has a bad cell.

Put a digital Voltmeter on the battery posts, you should have 12.6-12.7 Volts with a fully charged battery, turn the headlights on and see what the Voltage reads, it should not drop below about 12.3-12.4 Volts within the first minute.

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