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9200SE ATI/HIS and Catalyst updates

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Hi all,

I have the video card mentioned above and I'm in doubt whether to go along with the constant flow of ATI display drivers.

My currently installed driver is dated 25. Aug. 2004, so presumably it is the ATI release wxp-w2k-8-051-040825a-017633c.exe, Catalyst no. unknown. The current issue is Catalyst 5.8, and since I remember some difficulities earlier with updating, I'm reluctant to proceed.

The card generally behaves very well. Regarding gaming, I'm in the early stages of Flight Simming and use no other, faster games. In FS, I'm not always that pleased with the representation of ground textures, but that might be limited by any other influence beyond my knowledge. The video frame rate mostly is close to 20 and no problem.

Am I likely to benefit from updating?
Is updating the ATI drivers still involved and risky?
Or does the old rule apply: never mend a working system?

MB MSI 865PE Neo2-LS, P4 2.6GHz, 1GB Ram, LCD 1280x1024 digital input.

Many thanks in advance
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It's not really necessary to update if you haven't run into
any bugs.
Drive updates are mainly issued to fix bugs and add funcionality
for the newer video cards.
Exactly. In more recent history, the latest nVidia drivers were put out to fix some SLI issues with the 7800 cards and to fix a color issue with video overlay. If things work, and if you're using an older card, then new drivers aren't really necessary.
Well, I'm glad I needn't update, and I thank you very much.
Glad too that I found your interesting and helpful site :smile:

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