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92 Astrovan has issues only when you first start it up?

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1992 Chevrolet Truck Astro Van 2WD (4.3L TBI)
500,000+ miles .. yeahhh

Anyhow a few weeks ago she started acting funny after I start her up. She idles light and tries to stall and if i put in reverse sometimes will just die. After backing out and driving just a few seconds it drives just fine. Just fine at the stoplight..etc. If it sits for maybe 15 minutes off and I start it back up ..I'll get the same thing.

Any recommendations on what to replace on this sucker.. thanks. :wave:
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I am not a pro, but car is one of my primary interest. So yeah, i'll try my best.

Could it be a problem from some sort of O2 sensor either at the intake manifold or exhaust.

When startting up, does the exhaust gas smell like gasoline?
You might try also getting a vaccuum gauge on that thing, sometimes a vaccuum leak will go away once the engine has warmed up. If stepping on the brakes makes it at all worse, then you definately want to check this.

Run the trouble codes, keep an eye out for code 44 (lean exhaust) This will be almost definately a vaccuum leak.

Lemme know what develops.
With that kind of miliage it may just be a dirty intake.Try some pro type intake/fuel injection cleaner.You could also try removing the idle air control from the throttle body and clean the crud out of it.Also look and lissen for any vacuum leaks.There are a lot of thing that can cause your type of problem but these are basic.
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