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My internal speaker on my Gigabyte 8KNXP is NOT producing any beeps or sounds at all. The rest of the pc is fine and boots into windows and is stable.

I have tried another 2 speakers that I know work with no joy, so I think the speaker header on the motherboard is faulty.

I measured the voltage on the + and - speaker pins on the board and there was a voltage of around 5v. There is a spare place for an onboard buzzer (not incorporated) and the voltage level at the solder points was the same

I have checked the bios and there is no option to disable it.

I nearly fried my chip when the CPU fan stopped working and the temperature alarm didnt come through the speaker!!!!!

Should I send this board back or is there something I am missing?

BTW the onboard audio is turned off as I use a pci card.

Anyhelp would be great as this is annoying.
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