Most of us have some older software hanging around on our PC from an earlier time, but it seems some Netizens seem to be still stuck in the stone age. One online retailer has taken action, and has started charging an Internet Explorer 7 tax on its customers.  Kogan  recently added the tax, charging customers an  extra 6.8%  of their order total. Customers are advised to upgrade to a more modern browser to avoid the tax.

"The way we’ve been able to keep our prices so low is by using technology to make our business efficient and streamlined. One of the things stopping that is our web team having to spend a lot of time making our new website look normal on IE7."
As stated in a  blog post  the change appears to be motivated by the high development costs of keeping websites functional in IE7, although the extra press generated by the move surely can’t be bad for business. Will other companies now adopt a more aggressive stance against old web browsers? Despite Kogan’s best efforts 6.3% of the world still uses Internet Explorer 6, and it seems likely outdated browsers still have some life in them yet.

Are you one of the unfortunates still using IE7? Let us know below.