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Done a restore on my laptop back to factory settings and when i reconnected the network card back up can't go on internet getting error message

You were denied access because :

Access denied by access control list.

I'm on another PC in house that's fine so can have a go at fixing while on net

Thanks in Advance for your help.

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Quote from:
'm posting a possible solution to the above problem in the hope that
it will be helpful to others via web/Usenet search engines:-

You've just changed/upgraded your ISP or Internet service.

When you try to access a web page, you get the following message:-
: 403 Forbidden
: You were denied access because:
: Access denied by access control list.

This may happen in different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox). You
might still be able to access facilities such as email, FTP and ping,
but you can't use the web.

Your browser(s) is set up to use a "proxy" (inbetween) server for the
web. Instead of fetching the web page directly, your computer asks the
proxy server to fetch it on your behalf (or to return a cached copy).

Unfortunately, because (e.g.) you're now connecting via a new ISP, the
proxy server belonging to your old ISP says "You're not one of my
customers", and gives you the above error message.

Go into each browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) that you
are having the problem with.

Change the proxy settings so that either:-
- You do not use a proxy server, or
- You are using the correct proxy servers for your new ISP

In Internet Explorer 6, select Tools-->Internet Options; go to the
Connections tab, and click the "LAN Settings" button. Select (or
deselect) proxy server settings as appropriate.

In Firefox, go to Tools-->Options; select "General" and then
"Connection Settings".
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