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Hey guys,

Listen up, i got a problem: I was considering throwing a LAN-party with a couple of friends (5-7), but none of us has a hub with more than 4 gates. :4-dontkno So i was wondering if it was possible of 'linking' 2 hubs with 4 gates together, so the couple of us can still play together?

PS: i'm new to this all "networking", so could you please avoid the technical language? :)

thank you :pray:
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Yes except you would only have 6 ports (gates) as one on each hub would be used connecting them. Only 5 ports if one port is an internet connection.

Also technically if you use a true "hub" your network will be slower (due to data collisions) than if you use a switch. There are major differences between hubs and switches. Use switches.
Actually, i don't know the difference between hubs and switches. We would probably use wireless routers ( but we would be using wires :1angel:). Would that be okay?

Thank for your reply :rolleyes:
Why don't you draw out your plan and submit it with the model numbers of your router and switches or hubs.
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