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3rd master harddisk failure?!?!?!

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hey guys

i recently installed a 2nd harddrive, now i have 2 HDD connected with SATA

they both worked fine then one day i was working on something on my second HDD and the program crashed, i restarted my computer and a msg came up saying "3rd master harddisk failure, press F1 to continue"

i go into device manager and the 2nd HDD is there and it says it is running properly

any help? cheers!!

ps. im running vista, if that makes a difference
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d/load and run the h/drive makers diognostic utility on the h/drive
check the cables are secure,they have a habit of coming loose
Before running any diagnostics, check your BIOS to make sure that the 3rd HD entry hasn't been populated with bogus head/sector/cylinder information for a non-existing drive.
where abouts do i check that in bios??

i ran the diognostic utility from the seagate website, it recognised that there was a HDD there, but every test i ran on it failed
just opened my case and all the connections were fine
Let us know what make & model of motherboard you have and we'll look up the BIOS information to point you directly to the section you need to go to.

Also, would you happen to have a flash drive plugged into a USB slot?

And, have you checked the jumpers on the 2nd hard drive to make sure they are not set to allocate the drive into two physical sections?
Replace the SATA cable.

Post the system specifications - CPU, video card, motherboard and power supply.
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