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3 Windows Folders

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Happy New Year to everyone:wave: .
Well it looks like I've started the New Year off with a bang. I decided to do a clean install of windows xp pro and too my surprise I added it 3x. I have 3 window folders, 3 each profile folders not including the Administrator Profile.
I have it setup as follows 2 Admins, 1 limited. What I'd like to know is, how do I get rid of the extra profile and window folders?

Boy, have a I done a mess hoping I don't have to do a zero fill :pray: . Any ideas guys?:eek:
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Hi quizme1220

Well, a zero-fill is something we usually save for fun times like incredibly infected systems where multiple rootkits and other malware have been having parties. So, of course, rest easy on that.

However, since you mention that your project is a clean install - that usually means that you have an empty hard drive or partition to install onto. Yes? If so, just reformat that partition & try the install again. An installation of XP usually takes less than an hour.

You want to end up with only one Windows folder. By "profile folders", are you referring to the subfolders in the Documents and Settings folder? There are several defaults usually seen in there (you usually don't want to bother these): Administrator, All Users, Default User, Local Service, and Network Service. Along with this group, you'll see a subfolder created for each user that you defined during Setup.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

[P.S. ... I'm guessing that perhaps you accidentally ran a "parallel" reinstallation of Windows, rather than a "clean" install -- and perhaps this has happened more than once. That would result in the extra Windows folders.]

[P.S. #2 ... Ah, just thought of another possibility-- remember that during a normal Windows XP installation, Windows will ask to reboot: it is important that you let Windows reboot from the hard drive that you've just installed XP onto -- if you choose "boot from CD" again, Setup will restart all over again = this could also give you multiple parallel installations, which you don't want]
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Thanks OldGrayGary, I followed your advice by reformatting the partition and reinstalling again. Everything turned out good, it didn't take long as you mentioned. Yes, to your question about the subfolders in Documents and Settings folder. All is well, and thanks again.

I have another problem, well it's not mine but my cousins' but I'll start a new thread on that. Hope you can give some more good pointers.
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