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3 copies of xp on my system !! :(

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hello i have an

acer 3050
xp prof
1800+ amd
integrated ati 1100 (that dont work anyway..)
then i have a mess of partitioned drives, C: D: F:

C: has 2 copies of XP
F: has one copy

what am i doing here i just want one of the copies on C:

please help so i can go further and make my ati play halo 1 and cossacks
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ATI x1100 on acer 3050 not detected

cannot work this one out

uninstall al drivers from remove/addhardware and then go to temp files remove all files. reinstall 10.2 or 9.2 hell tried loads still not recognised

Reading the AMD site for fixes to MOM.exe (CCC). It says to uninstall all .NET Framework, then reinstall.

Ok, fine.

no change!! dxdiag says nothing detected so does my acer empowerment (when net framework is reinstalled as i need it to acces the wifi my switch is broken)

acer 3050 1800+ mobility amd
integrated ati x1100
486 ram ddr2
xp prof sp2
any ideas

. Maybe what i need to do is a total format but i have a dodgy boot cd and like 3 copies of windows on the pc i only want one! argh 2on drive C and 1 on drive F

help me play halo and bf2
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Re: ATI x1100 on acer 3050 not detected

Uninstall the ATI drivers and try the latest approved version from the Acer website. The normal ATI drivers don't typically work in most laptops.
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