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2nd Hand Gaming Rig...

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Hi guys,

Just so you know, i originally posted this thred in the 'gaming' section, but realised here is more appropriate - dont know how to delete the original thread :s

My friend is willing to sell me his old tower and gear for a very reasonable price. But o have a question about it...

All I want to know is how capable it will be for games in the near future...what the components are like...what could be effective upgrades will be...and just your general impression.

It's a P5K PREMIUM motherboard
Intel core 2 duo processor at 2.3 (unsure of the model)
2Gb DDR2 ram (4 x 512 sticks)
Nvidia geforce 8800 GT
Antec case (unsure of model number - but it's very big, different compartment for power supply)
Corsair 520 w power supply (I think)

I will find all the details out later, but what are your general first impressions? Or is it wwwaaaayyy too outdated and not worth the buy?

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First question would be what is the price?
Is the OS disc included?
My first upgrade would be a larger PSU. We suggest a minimum 550W for any PCI-E GPU.
Second upgrade would be a 2X2GB matched pair of RAM.
Erm, i would pay £150 for the tower, monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, and a blue-ray drive that is built into the tower (although not used much).

And ye, the OS is included. Although, i might consider purchasing a new version of W7...but thats for another day :p
my vote = no

if the system were a top end socket 775 (3.0 ghz cpu or better) with ati 5770 video card or better I would say yes but the system is pretty much getting long in the tooth and it wasnt spec'd on the upper end of performance to begin with
I was referring to the OS disc but at £150 I would also vote no.
ah right...ok well thanks for the help :)
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