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250GB hard drive only shows 232GB

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Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB only shows 232GB, any idea why?
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Hidden Partition?

Go to Folder Options, View, and Show hidden files and folders, There might be a Hard Drive Icon Called PARTITION (*:)
Even my 160 GB hard disk shows only 149 GB!
That's normal. Windows reports a drive as smaller than what it says on the sticker.
If you look in BIOS you'll see the full capacity.

The reason is that HDD manufacturers use 10^3 (1,000) to define 1 kilobyte - Windows use 2^10 (1,024).

hy eneles,
thanks for the good info, i learned a new thing today. till now i was telling my friends that the loss in the space was for the file structure info. but i was wrong and mis lead so many people.

once again thanks for the info......
i need to spread the word................
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