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2003 Excel Question. Totaling Up inventory

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Well i'm a noob that got handed this project today at work.

I have created what i think is a working inventory sheet, with the In-Out workbook setup and sorted like my Acct dept needs it. But it is lacking the running totals at the end.

I need LOTS help with the last part though. It might be too tall an order but i'll ask anyway.

What do i need to do to have the sheet update the "current stock" cells based on what is filled out and "submitted" with my button?

Say if "Received", "5", and "HP 2035" is selected in the drop down then i click "submit", i need the "Current Stock" number next to "HP2035" to be changed by +5 and the "On Order" field next to "HP2035" to change by -5.

I think i can change the code to have the "Current Stock" go -1 if the drop down "Received" is changed to "Installed" under the same criteria, but that might be putting too much faith in myself at this point.

Take a look. Its attached. Renamed a .rar from a .xls. It wouldn't let me upload a .xls. Its Excel 2003 btw

Thanks for even looking and shaking your head at my noob pipe dream.



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the attached file appears empty - also make sure it contains dummy data as this is a public forum available to all
It's not a .rar file, he just renamed it from *.xls to *.rar to be able to upload it.
Hey J,

Just compress the .xls file into a zip or rar file. Zip is more common on this site. If you don't have a program that compresses files, check out 7zip. It is free.


Robert D. Specian Jr.
Hey Robert,

His file is fine if you just download it and rename it with a .xls. Mine is a legit .zip file.

I almost have a solution coded, can you take a look 'cause I always struggle with Excel VBA, module 4 is the Submit button code. My functional design comments are in the case statement.


I don't think what you are trying to do is difficult at all. Personally I'd have done it in MS Access, but we won't go there right now...:grin:


thanks for the help... I built the sheet just coping and pasting the code that i needed to get it to that point, but spent some time today diving into what it means and how it works.

I just started with this type of excel depth about a week ago so its ALL still a mystery to me.

Thanks again.
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