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Hey guys I'm really stuck and need a little guidance
I'll try keep this short

I had a 500GB HDD, windows 7 on that I used exclusively. Eventually my PC had a series of power cuts, and later on my HDD began to fail with the error from American Megatrends - BAD SECTOR - STATUS: BAD (something along those lines). ((I don't actually know if the power cuts were related to the HD failure, but it seems logical))

I could still use the computer fine, but I knew that every moment I wrote something to the HD I was risking something.

This was while I was doing an extremely important assignment for school so I immediately bought an identical hard drive (identical).

I installed it and used clonezilla to make a clone of my hard drive onto the new one.
Except now I've almost used it all up and I want the other one back for more space. :sigh:

the problem begins here
I connected the other hard drive up, and booted. On boot (yes, with both bootable HDD in) it gives me the american megatrends (MoBo) error and then another saying that windows failed to boot (with the options "recover now" or "boot normally")

So I checked the priorities (in BIOS), but I realised that there's only one HD selection in priority so I went to the Hard Disk sections and checked which HD was #1 and #2.
Firstly I didn't understand the format listed
It was

SATA:4M-ST3500(etc) or

but what I did try was disabling one, and not the other (both ways)
but the good HD fails to boot, and the bad HD boots but has a bad sector (WHY, :4-dontkno )

then I read somewhere it was risky to have two bootable hard drives with slightly different data on, so I immediately disconnected the bad one, and the good one boots fine now!

(random: When I shut down from the bad HD it tried to install a windows update. (tried as in I force shut down'd)).

tl;dr: Help me format a Hard Drive with a bad sector, but when I have it connected my Good HD can't boot and only it can boot.

Thanks all. I await relpies eagerly. :smile:

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Check the BIOS boot order with only the good drive connected. You can then note how the good drive is identified (ie: 4M-ST3500 or 3M-ST3500). Then when you connect the 2nd HDD, you will know which drive should be listed first in the boot order. That should be all that is needed to get the good drive to boot.

After you have the PC booted, test the 2nd HDD using the drive manufacturers disk tools. Run the short and long test. If either test fails or shows errors, the disk is faulty.
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