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2 problems with Outlook 2003

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Hello, there!

Here the first problem:
I've sent a message via default email adress and put a "CCo" for myself (just to test it) to another email adress. This second email is also included in the emails accounts in Outlook. Now, every time Outlook excutes a Send/Receive I get an error message saying that the account (CCo) could not send the message! I know it cannot sand, but why its tryind to send? There is no messages in the Send box, and the original message was posted normaly. Some idea?

The second problem:
I've made a backup copy of Outlook.pst in a CD in order to format and reinstall Windows, etc. Now i can't read the .pst file. First I've tried to import messages and contacts directly from de CD but i get "Access denied. Not enough privileges..."
Then i copied the Outlook.pst to the HD, but when i try to import/export or open it as a new Outlook data file, i get the message: "Outlook.pst is not a valid personal folder file".
As a result, I lost every contact already saved and many messages posted and received. Is there a way i can fix the file? Some idea on what's happening?

Thanks for any help.

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Ok, I've soled the first problem. In account configuration, i put the smtp string equals to my default account.

But still can't read the .pst file.
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