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2 Hard Drives? No RAID?

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Is it possible to run 2 hard drives without RAID?

I have a 320gig HDD with Windows 7 and a Old 80gig with freshly installed WIn7 on it I would like to know if I could copy the files from my 320gig HDD because I am currently only using about 60gigs on that drive, to this 80gig one.

I want to install WinXP on to the 320gig but I dont want to reinstall all my programs on my win7 HDD.

Also, Is there anyway to have both hard drives in but pick which one to boot from? Like the Multi-OS boot but with different hard drives?
Would I have to RAID to do any of this stuff? If so, do I need anything extra other than a SATA cable?

Thanks In Advance!
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So like If I copied some of my games over they would not work Unless I fixed the Registry paths?

Also, How can I do this? Just have both drives plugged in?
so your basically saying that its easier just to format that drive?
Well win7 is already installed on my 80gig, I was just trying to format my 320gig to winXP..

Also, Can I format and partition the 320gig drive witht he Windows7 disk? Its much faster, like 30 seconds fast.. But the XP cd takes like 30 minutes to format. :/

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, I got my XP installed and up.

The only thing is that I have both hard drives plugged in, shouldn't I be able to pick an OS that I want to boot off of rather than the first Drive that is first in the Sata port?
So I will have to reformat my Win7 Drive? Just to get it to boot into Win7? :sigh:
Do I need to unplug the XP drive to run the win7 repair? Or will it pick up that the other drive has Win7?
Sorry that im just getting back to you now.. But Do I need to set the jumpers in any different config?
I had time today, I ran the Win7 RC disk on my Win7 drive and Tried to repair. It went through the process but never asked me to pick a drive, nor did it setup a dual boot. Then I tried running the repair by booting from DVD/CD and it still did not work, So I tried the Repair mt windows installation on the very bottom and it still did not setup a dual boot.

Hopefully you can help me.

Thanks for the help in advance!
sorry to bump but I really want this problem figured out. I know you can dual boot with Win7, It just doesn't seem to want to for me.
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