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2 computer questions

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k the first question is about windows xp pro

When i turn on my computer sometimes it will go to the windows loading screen where the little blue bar goes from left to right and back again and then after 30 seconds just restart. after doing that 4 or 5 times it boots normally. Why?

next question is about a virus problem

on another computer at my place i have symantec anti virus on my comp and it keeps detecting trojans in my windoes files like every so often. Im getting sick of that happeneing. the file get deleted right away but it takes something down with it and i cant stop it./ I run virus scans and it still happenes. Any help PLEASE!!! thank you
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hi scoliosis, for the windows xp bootup problem, try fixing the master boot record and see if that works out for fine for you. what you need to do is to bootup with the windows xp cd. dont forget to change the first boot device in the bios to "cdrom" so the comp can boot to the windows xp cd.

when the comp boot so the cd, in the main console of the windows xp cd, choose repair. then the computer will ask for you an admin pass and if you dont have one, just simply hit enter to skip it. then on C: type in "fixboot" or "fixmbr" either one is fine since they both yield the same result. it should only take a second for this process and afterwards, restart your computer and bootup normally into windows. see if this fixes your problem.

also do you got a spare power supply you can test on your computer?
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you might also try going into the bios and setting the agp to 4x.

i have seen issues with 8x mode and certain motherboard and agp card combinations.
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