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2.1 Android Cliq videos only show black screen but with sound,help?

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Long story short: I upgraded to 2.1 with Android Motorola Cliq, it's rooted. But whenever I play one of my downloaded videos (avi), they only show a black screen, but with sound playing. I tried tons of vid players, same thing.

The video player plays the video with a black screen and sound. And the problem existed before I even rooted my phone, I thought rooting my phone was gonna fix this.

Any solutions?
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Hi Avascar - it looks like no one can help on this problem...
avi is just a container, what's the codec?
Where are the movies being downloaded from? Are they being downloaded to the Android device or your PC?
My device. The problem happened when I upgraded to 2.1.

I also downloaded from my PC, and moved it to my device, the problem still exists.

Is there a way to watch movies flawlessly without degrading?
I downloaded a free app called arcmedia that allowed me to watch avi vids, but quality wasn't great tho, might be worth a try
pharoah said:
rockplayer is what i would suggest for watching vids on android.
Can't seem to find that in the android market. ._.
By the way, I can't play youtube videos either.
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