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1997Mazda 626 lxv6 ( Please Help)

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I bought this car new and I am a very gentle driver I have nothing but the problems with this car just got water pump and front right axel replaced for $1200:deveous: and now the cheek engine light is flashing dose any one else having the same problems any idea what kind of repair bill I am looking at now :sad: . I have 104000 miles on it and got the new radiator at 77000k
car is heating up so much now dont know what to do can not pay for another expensive repair job.
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Take the car to Autozone and have them pull the check engine code. Be sure to write it down or get a print out from the counter person. Post back the code number.
Thanks Bruiser, today i will go to the autozone and get the computer code and post it here.
Check engine code

I got the check engine codes they are as follows,


people at atozone told me its just tune up job needed?
I did not have to pay for code pull that was a big help,
Thank you bruiser.
Here is the info as I see it for ODB-II

P0302 Misfire detected - Cyls. 1-4.

P1170 Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Stuck.

First thing I would suggest is look for vacuum leaks.

s and/or bad spark plugs and/or spark plug wires. Again, I typically change the spark plug wires at 50-75k miles as a safeguard.

Then replace the front heated oxygen sensor if the above do not solve the problem. These age over time and should be replaced every 50-75k miles in my view.

Some preventative maintenance, in my opinion, goes a long way for the piece of mind that the car will not leave me or the family stranded.

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To be more specific, the P0302 means a misfire in #2 cylinder, but it would be a good idea to change all the plugs and wires. Go with what JamesO said about the O2 sensor.
Thanks Guys it was very helpful.
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