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I just got a monitor last night (Acer XV272U) which is 1440p 170hz that I am using to game at 120hz. My other monitor (a larger Acer Nitro that works fine) is 1440p 165hz.
When setting up my new monitor Windows only lists 60hz as the only refresh rate (in advanced display settings), but if I unplug my other monitor, it lets me change it to whatever I want (60hz, 120hz, 144hz, etc). In this case I want it set to 120hz.

In radeon software (I have an RX580) it says my new monitor reports a 60hz refresh rate and likewise the moment I unplug my other monitor that number immediately changes to whatever I had previously set it to in windows display settings (120hz). As soon as I plug in my other monitor it changes to 60hz and no other refresh rates are listed in windows display settings. Oddly, the other monitor stays at 120hz and I only have the problem with my new one. I've tried setting the good monitor to every possible refresh rate listed to see if it helps but I'm still stuck at 60hz on the other one while both are connected.

My GPU is an RX580. I've tried going into radeon software and made a custom resolution at 120hz but the problem persists.
I've also tried swapping cables and display ports, my drivers are up to date, and yes I'm using display cables (the ones that came with the monitors) and NOT HDMI! Not really sure what else to try at this point. I dont want to return the monitor but I'm not sure what else to try to get it working.
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