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1600x900 60hz Powerstrip

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Hi all,

Does any one have the settings (screenshot) for the above monitor for powerstrip, I can change the resolution (accepted by windows) but not displaying properly and it's at 239hz!

Thanks in advance
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there might be a resolution limit/refresh rate limit on your monitor.
What monitor do you currently use?
What version of windows do you use?
I have a sx280 dell on xp with what I think is a custom intel 910gl that wont support 1600x900 with all the latest drivers, monitor is HP 1600x900 60hz
I can set a custom resolution in powerstrip which works to a certain degree but as for the other values - I have no idea
Have you tried using the standard windows interface to change your resolution and refresh rate? I am not exactly sure why you are using that software to do this for you as i hear it can do some damage if things are not setup properly
the screen resolution is not available in windows only 1600x1200 or am I missing something?
What graphics card are you currently using?, if its not up to displaying such a high resolution windows will not display it as an option.
found this:

same problem as me I have mailed forkram hopfully he will have the stats

Is there any other way of doing this?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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