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101 Things Mozilla Can Do That Ie Can't

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Neil Deakin has written an interesting (if somewhat overblown) list of 101 things that Mozilla can do that Microsoft Internet Explorer
(IE) can't. Some of Mozilla's features do set it apart, and a few of Deakin's top choices (i.e., tabbed browsing, pop-up ad blocking, and
themes) explain why I use Mozilla, rather than IE, as my primary browser. The list is interesting, although it devolves into niche developer topics. Perhaps a better list would be "The Top 10 Things Mozilla Can Do for Actual End Users that IE Can't." Anyway, check it out.
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Is there also a list of things IE can do that Mozilla can't? I would think that IE has much better interoperability with Windows Media player for instance.
I've been giving Mozilla 1.2b a good try lately. It worked very well but I did find a few things I didn't like:

New windows opened up full size and, when you're not used to that, you wonder why the back button doesn't take you back to the page you started from.

If you say to yourself "Ah, that's only because the original page is behind this one" you might be wrong. So when you click to close the window, the whole browser closes. A little confusing but I expect with experience it would not happen. In the end I made it a practice to minimise a window before closing it, just in case. If there is an option to open new windows smaller than the one behind it I never found it.

Text size when visiting various sites can be either larger or smaller than if you were visiting it using IE, maybe because the site is written with IE being given primary concern?

With IE I can display a web page from my website (stored on the computer hard disk) and then open it for editing in Namo WebEditor 5 by clicking the 'Edit' button in the IE browser toolbar. With Mozilla there is only the option to edit in Composer.

I really missed ieSpell for writing posts. Mozilla 1.2b doesn't include a spell-checker yet although one can be downloaded for use in version 1.1. Like Netscape 7, it can be used in Composer and e-mail but it isn't available in the browser for spell checking posts. Something that would have been a good idea I feel.

I've slipped back to using IE now. Maybe that's just familiarity though. All in all Mozilla and Netscape 7 (Mozilla 1.0.1) work quite well ...and they're prettier!
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boots said:
I really missed ieSpell for writing posts. Mozilla 1.2b doesn't include a spell-checker yet although one can be downloaded for
Uhh ok, I don't know about the spell checker.. could/would you please educate me, I soooo need it!!
It's a handy add-on for IE. When installed, another button appears on the toolbar. Press it and checks the spelling in text input boxes.

It also puts some extra options under tools so you can set the dictionary (i.e. U.S or U.K).

All you have to do is remember to use it, which I do mist of th tyme!


You can download it from here:
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