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'04 4cyl Malibu starting problem

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This problem happens when attempting to start my car. When I turn the key sometimes the fuel pump activates and the car starts and sometimes it doesn't. I have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay and this has noot solved the problem. has anyone out there hed this problem and found a solution?
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Hi Ed and welcome to TSF:wave:

When you turn the key from off to on (not start) the fuel pump will come on for about 2 seconds. If you open the door and listen, you can hear it.
During one of those times when it won't start, try listening and try the key a few times. It might be a bad or dirty place on the ignition switch that will be intermittent.

It could also be a loose connector or ground wire.
To check for bad ground connection, you can connect a meter to the wires at the pump connector. Use straight pins(from a sewing kit) or very small copper wires to back probe(connect) to the connector. If you don't get the two second pulse, move the ground lead of the meter to the vehicle frame and try again. If you get the voltage then, it is a bad ground connection.

Make sure the pump relay is pulling in. See if you can either feel, hear, or measure the voltage there.

When you turn the switch from off to on, you get the two second burst. When you move the switch on over to start, the pump comes on continuous. When the engine starts, the PCM (computer) holds the relay in as you release the key and it returns to run position. The computer will hold it in until you turn the key to off.

Hope this helps,
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