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03 Caddy Seville Radio Cycling Off And On Every 3 Seconds

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Whenever The Key Is On The Nav Screen,radio Turns On And Off By Itself. When The Key Is Off The Battery Is Drained To Nothing.
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is this a factory system or did you have it installed? if installed how long ago was it installed?

it sounds like either it was installed wrong or you have a wire shorted out between the radio and the power supply. the more info you can give about when the problem started the better we will be able to help you. also are the navigation and the radio a single unit or are the seperate?

if you have a wiring diagram for it Mack1 is the man to talk too. he has background in wiring.

good luck
This is all facory equipment, navagation and radio all in one unit. car has 56000 miles. Just started this WHILE DRIVING AFTER waiting and listening
to the radio about 45 min. waiting for wife to shop.
thanks for your help.
im not familiar with the equipment in your car but, the only wire that should have voltage while the key is off would be the wire for the radios memory. the memory dosent pull enough power to drain a battery. if you can get to the plug in the back of the unit use a test light to see witch wires are hot while the key is off. one of the wires that show hot is most likely shorted out.

if you dont think you can handle the task any local radio shop that installs car radios and speakers should be able to find your problem and fix it for considerbly less than your car dealership would.

hope this helps
Let me explain my problem again more clearly. Something is draining my battery when the switch is off and key is not in ignition. also when the key is in acessory position or on posistion the radio cycles on and off at 3 second intervals. This started after about two hours of normal stop and
go driving and waiting for the wife to shop while I sat in the car and
listened to the radio. When she came out and we started home it began cylcing off and on. When i tried to start car later batter was completly dead

i charged it and took it to a DELCO dealer who load tested it and it was good.
Help ! Please Thank You.
Hi boydyer and welcome to TSF:wave:

Does your alternator work?

If you have a voltmeter, you can test the alternator by starting the car and measuring the voltage at the battery terminals. It should be over 12 volts at idle and up to 14.8 if you give it a little gas.

If your battery is discharging that fast, you should be able to feel some hot wires somewhere, or smell smoke.

After you charged the battery, does the 3 second cycling problem still occur? It would be nice if fixing one problem would cure both ills.

Best regards:smile:

problem is solved, bad radio. bad news the bill was 1331.28 for a new radio exchange from gm including labor and sales tax. so bye bye stimulise
check. thanks for the input could not find any shop to nattempt to
repair radio,navigation,cd,dvd combo.
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