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  1. Suddenly no sound in the XP - Your Sound Hardware Cannot Play Sounds

    Windows XP Support
    Hello, I am a newbie to this forum but not as much to XP or linux. Before I put some kind of deepfreeze, my XP used to be hacked a lot, scrambling screen settings and then on the usenet forums I went to, with sarcastic posts. Thus, I suspect it is the spooks. There are racist groups and...
  2. Windows is 27 years old!

    Windows XP Support
    On the 20th of November, the Windows operating system officially turned 27, following the 1985 release of Windows 1.0. Since its first induction onto commercial computers Windows has evolved from a standard GUI system to a full-fledged, user-friendly graphical interface with support for almost...
  3. From '85 to Windows 8

    Windows XP Support
    Microsoft has finally announced the release date for the newest iteration of their popular operating system. Windows 8 will be available from 26 October, as confirmed by unit leader Steven Sinofsky at a recent sales meeting according to a MS communications manager. The operating system has...