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  1. Console Gaming Support
    When I have an HDMI connected, the Xbox won't even get far enough into starting to set my controller as controller one. It just gives up after a couple minutes. If I connect component cables it works through them perfectly fine, but even once it's started up I can't switch to HDMI. To clarify...
  2. Console Gaming Support
    My Xbox 360 has been in use for over 10 years, playing all sorts of games. Only now does it decide to flicker and force us to use VGA without sound. I've tried looking it up but nothing worked. I have noticed that the HDMI port is significantly looser than its successor. please help
  3. PC Gaming Support
    tl;dr: I need to disable my wired Xbox controller in the Device Manager so certain games don't assign it as player one in favor of my PS4 controller, but Windows 10 asks me to reboot for some reason, perhaps my controller is in use by some process or service? What do? (unplugging or a switch are...
1-3 of 3 Results