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  1. Windows 7 x64 bsod

    BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs
    Hi all, I'm running windows 7 x64. The BSOD occured after I used a program called driver hub to update my drivers. It was going well, however after attempting to download a driver (I believe it had to do with a USB driver but I can't confirm) my computer shutdown. I restarted the computer...
  2. Running bootcamp to install Windows 7

    Mac Support
    Hi, In about a week or so I have been asked to install Windows 7 on a friends iMac via Bootcamp. He did inquire about using Parallels, but I thought that the Bootcamp method would be better as it would have full use of the systems resources rather that only using some of them in a virtual...
  3. Things you should do when you get your PC

    Hard Drive Support
    Here are some essential tips and tricks that you should perform as soon as you start up your new custom built PC, or your OEM computer. 1. Create a Windows 7 Recovery CD A Recovery CD will allow you to repair your Windows installation via a system restore, system startup issues, and/or check...
  4. Windows is 27 years old!

    Windows XP Support
    On the 20th of November, the Windows operating system officially turned 27, following the 1985 release of Windows 1.0. Since its first induction onto commercial computers Windows has evolved from a standard GUI system to a full-fledged, user-friendly graphical interface with support for almost...
  5. Get ready for Internet Explorer 10

    Windows XP Support
    18 months ago Microsoft released the 9th version of their web browser, Internet Explorer 9. IE9, for short, came with all new bells and whistles for the Internet as HTML 5 and CSS3. Microsoft may have been behind on adding HTML5 and CSS3 to IE9 but in this upcoming month Microsoft just announced...
  6. Windows 8 open to public

    Windows XP Support
    After huge hyping, testing, complaining, cheering on, loving, hating, and various other emotions and events happening around the new and completely different Windows 8, it has finally reached its retail release date. Whether it will get enough users to consider changing to it remains to be seen...
  7. Microsoft faces EU Anti-trust laws again

    Windows XP Support
    For years now Microsoft has been dancing lightly around the European Union and its anti-trust regulations, and recently the two entities have been banging heads again. The EU has started an investigation into allegations that Microsoft does not offer the 'browser choice screen' popup that MS...