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  1. Web Design & Development
    Particularly Blogspot, where you have many links with a lot of different content sorted for every month over many years.. I want to view it similarly to what Tumblr sorts content in its archive section.. I would have used RSS except there is a time frame I'm limited to..
  2. Web Design & Development
    Looking for Website development company in Birmingham
  3. Programming
    Hello I have 3 or 4 years of web development and the possibility of embarking on a reconstruction project of an existing application in VB6 (approximately 290 forms) which manages unemployment files - Decree n ° 2019-797 of July 26, 2019 and others according to the laws to be implemented over...
  4. Microsoft Office support
    Nothing is truly free. Everywhere we go, if something is advertised as ‘Free’, there’s a good chance that somebody else is just covering the bill. The public radio is open to all and everybody can freely listen to it. Songs, news, and talk shows are all streamed right across the country and you...
  5. Web Design & Development
    I started learning on my own but recently took an online course, which is hurrying me to Bootstrap right after basic html and css. It promises to teach basics of html,css,bootstrap,sql and php in 6 weeks. They meant I have to learnt those in 6 weeks, or else pay double :grin: Javascript is...
1-5 of 8 Results