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  1. Networking Support
    so I have a dedicated IP from torgard i can get the settings to set up a VPN router from them no problem. what I want to do is turn the old PC to a VPN router connect to my VPN but then broadcast my own VPN from it so everyone that uses Netflix will be using the same IP already got warnings...
  2. General Computer Security
    Its all very confusing, it seems like some people will say using VPN when connecting to public wifi will protect you 100%. Others say that VPN is helpful, but does not solve every single issue with public wifi. So, I would like to ask what does a VPN not protect you from?
  3. General Computer Security
    Assuming I am using public wifi with VPN: Is it safe to use whatsapp, facebook etc? Im just thinking, when I use whatsapp or facebook app, I dont really enter any info/PIN/password at all, so it should be safe, right? Banking apps that require you to enter pin number. In my country, I can use...
  4. Networking Support
    Goal: force all traffic through VPN only. Client: Windows in VMware VPN: OpenVPN I delete the route in Windows. I make a persistent route to the OpenVPN server with my LAN the gateway ( So in theory, when I turn on OpenVPN client on windows, it would connect to OpenVPN...
  5. Windows 10 Support
    Hello everybody I noticed something strange happening on my Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 2 with Windows 10 Home. I conncect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and am using NordVPN to protect my connections. Normally, the Windows connection Icon and Information look like in the following 2 pictures...
  6. Networking Support
    Hi there I wish to set up a second router after the usual one from my isp, that runs a vpn connection, but I'm having some trouble with the settings.. So I have my normal router, from my isp with the ip address and a dhcp. Plugged in to this router I have another one, which shall...
1-6 of 6 Results