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  1. Corrupt Recovered files

    Windows 10 Support
    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help, I was moving a load of Go Pro video files (MP4) from my documents to a separate hard drive. Unfortunately I accidentally disconnected the hard drive half way through, and because I cut and paste the original files they had deleted from the original...
  2. Audio gradually drops away during video calls

    Windows 10 Support
    I'm not sure if this is a Windows issue or not. I have searched for a solution to this but can't even find anyone else with the same issue. I have a Windows 10 laptop (HP) with decent specs (i7 with 16GB ram). During any video conferencing call (MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meets) my audio sometimes...
  3. Time of The Season - A Brinno TLC120 Time Lapse Camera Review

    Photographer's Corner
    Camera equipment isn’t something that I have heavily reviewed on Tech Support Forum, but the opportunity for it is slowly growing. From point-and-shoot cameras to action-based GoPros, to slow motion photography, it always puts a smile on my face when I can capture the moment and then share it...
  4. How to clean your system from all display drivers

    Hard Drive Support
    A computer graphics card is the component that produces a graphical or video interface which is then displayed onto your screen. Like a USB thumb drive, graphics cards require a connection to your system’s motherboard, in this case through your peripheral component interconnect or PCI for short...
  5. Transferring Video Files from a Camcorder to a Computer

    Photographer's Corner
    You can transfer video files without using the camcorder’s software if, like most camcorders these days, your camera has a hard drive or uses a memory card. Quite a few of the camcorder software packages can be difficult to work with and sometimes will not work at all. They usually have limited...