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  1. Video Card Support
    Whenever I start up my computer, the monitor (an old Dell unit) appears to be unable to render the image in a large section of the monitor. I can see the monitor backlight, but no image except for the top inch. Image is attached. After about a minute, the monitor works as normal. I have...
  2. Video Card Support
    Hi, I have been on windows 11 for a while now and when my friends and I decided to play some warzone together I noticed that there was this massive lag happening as soon as I opened the game. When I get to the menu my fps just drops to 2 and the game becomes unplayable, but if I Alt+Tab out and...
  3. Video Card Support
    I just built my first computer about two months ago so im not too well versed in the language. it was working fine for most of that time but after i changed the hdmi plug to my tv i noticed the card was a little loose. I realized i forgot a screw that kept the panel on the outside from moving...
  4. Video Card Support
    I already described everything in my previous post published on NVIDIA Tech Support page so I won't write it all over again. Here is the link: Thank you!
1-4 of 4 Results