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  1. A bit of a mystery !

    Other Hardware Support
    Hello there fellow people of the internet, I was hoping that someone on this site would be able to help me out with an issue that I've been having for months and months with no remedy in sight. A friend of my mine recommended me this site and said there are some great people on here who know...
  2. Unknown USB webcam has reversed image

    Driver Support
    Hi Guys, I have an unknown webcam I would like to capture videos from for use in YT uploads. Although I would normally replace it with a more expensive model, this one has two features I could use if I can get it to work properly: it is small enough to fit inside the devices I plan to feature...
  3. Is my PC running usb 3.0?

    Windows 10 Support
    I am not a techie, but some time ago when I was feeling a bit brave I installed a USB 3.0 card in my PC. Despite this install, I don't think I'm getting the speed I was expecting. When I'm transferring files from drive to drive, it seems like the progress is slow. Is there some way to test my...
  4. Thieves are out there! Watch out! – A Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 USB Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Ever lose a flash drive? Ever have important data stolen from you? Are you a victim of identity theft? Virtual thieves are out there, and the amount of data they steal per year is absurd; don’t let them steal yours! According to TransUnion, a worldwide credit management service, every minute...
  5. A Family sized Desktop Charger Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Instead of carrying around four USB wall chargers, I decided to take a different approach by using a four port USB wall charger. When I am out travelling, whether it be with family or work, my Inateck UC4002 USB charger is a handy gadget. I found that the capabilities of the charger extend to...
  6. Have a miniature hard drive in your pocket! – A Kingston DataTraveler G3 Review

    Hard Drive Support
    As technology advances, we gain the ability to pack high capacity storage into smaller and smaller devices. With desktop hard drives reaching an outstanding 3TB of storage space, it’s hard to remember the days of worrying whether or not you could fill up a 500GB hard drive. One thing that...
  7. How to Test for Fake Flash Memory

    Hard Drive Support
    Flash memory in this day and age is essential for mobile data storage. With the price competitiveness of the flash memory market and their applications in a wide range of mobile storage consumer electronics, many sellers resort to faked memory capacities to earn extra profit. From the China...
  8. Create a bootable USB stick from a Windows Disk

    Windows XP Support
    This can be a very good way to get around certain issues that you may come up against when installing/ re-installing Windows onto your PC, like a broken CD drive or no CD drive at all. The first time I had to do this was a few years ago when having to re-install XP onto a friends netbook due...