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  1. [SOLVED] Windows 10 dualbooting questions

    Windows 10 Support
    HI, I'm going to buy Windows 10 home retail next month for personal use. I used Linux for 7 years almost since my first pc. I need Windows to use the commercial softwares. My issues are the following: 1. Should I buy it from offline reseller stores? Or should I buy it online from Microsoft...
  2. [SOLVED] Help needed for dualbooting Windows 10 with Ubuntu

    Linux Support
    Hi, I'm planning to buy a Windows 10 retail version and dual boot it with my current Ubuntu for media production. Ubuntu is on a 120Gb SSD installed in UEFI mode and has a separate EFI partition. I read that was recommended. I want to put Windows 10 on a 250gb ssd or a NVMe M2. With a third...
  3. [SOLVED] Should I turn on the Firewall?

    Linux Support
    The Firewall on Ubuntu is disabled by default. Should I turn it on? Will anything will be changed once I turn it on? It says it blocks incoming connections - does that mean it will block things like incoming skype calls and etc?
  4. Headphone and speakers are not working at the same time

    Linux Support
    I just installed Ubuntu on a brand new machine. 16.04.3. If the headphones are plugged, the speakers don't work, if speakers are on, it changes to headphone as soon as I plug it. In 16.04.1, I could manually switch from sound settings headphones or speakers. I have 4.1 sound system and I did...
  5. Is there any known issue with Ryzen and Ubuntu?

    Linux Support
    Is there any known issue with ryzen and ubuntu 16.04 onwards?
  6. Gedit is making everything slow

    Linux Support
    Whenever I open Gedit (no matter empty or long text file), everything suddenly becomes so slow. The typing, tab switching in ALL browsers, opening and closing of files everything. It acts as if I'm running my pc on 1gb ddr1 and opened some heavy weight software. I checked the RAM use of gedit...
  7. Local Host not displaying css background image

    Linux Support
    The problem: I'm writing few lines of html and css in Brackets. And Brackets previews the page in a new window of Google Chrome in localhost. i.e. localhost-ip:numbers/testing.html This page fails to show the background if the image is not in the same folder as of the html file. It worked...
  8. [SOLVED] How do I solve this error?

    Linux Support
    Whenever I'm logging in to my system, I'm being greeted with this "Apport System problem detected. Report | Cancel" The details of the problem is showing as - (*screenshots) Also, Unable to update clam. sudo freshclam ERROR: /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log is locked by another process ERROR...
  9. [SOLVED] How to encrypt a directory and easily access it?

    Linux Support
    I want to encrypt ~/Documents only. I have no problem using the terminal while setting it up. But most of the resources on internet only shows how to access the encrypted directories via terminal only. Is there a graphical way too? Please walk me through the whole process. Setting up...
  10. What is a lwp-request?

    Linux Support
    I just ran RKhunter and it gave me this warning /usr/bin/lwp-request [warning] What does this mean?
  11. Update Error Notification Ubuntu

    Linux Support
    I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 64bit. It's up to date. But I'm having a red triangular warning sign on the panel saying my updates are outdated for network failure or respiratory which doesn't exist. And asking me to show updates or install all updates. I did and the update manager is sometimes showing...
  12. [SOLVED] Using Ubuntu on a ssd?

    Linux Support
    Are there any kind of precautions or operations should be performed to use Ubuntu 15.10 on a ssd? Like something with trim or managing the read and write after waking up from suspension. I don't know in details, but I was reading such things. And The next LTS will be released in 5 months. So I...
  13. Backup important personal files using Ubuntu LiveCD

    Hard Drive Support
    This tutorial will explain, in some detail, how to backup your files from a Windows partition when Windows will not load. We will be using Ubuntu Live CD. If you do not already have a copy of Ubuntu LiveCD on a CD or thumb drive, go here to download Ubuntu , then download Imgburn to burn the...
  14. Is Linux Really an OS?

    Linux Support
    When someone decides that they want to try out a Linux Distribution and maybe decide to tell their family and friends that they are trying out this amazing free operating system for their computer called ‘Linux’. They might then reply is that just like Windows or MacOS? Well not really. One...
  15. Linux 2012 - The year so far

    Linux Support
    We're half way through 2012 and so far the Linux world has witnessed the releases of some major distribution LTS or Long Term Support releases, we've heard the news that Microsoft Windows 8 will be out at the end of this year and how the Linux community have reacted to this and the also the...
  16. How to Install Ubuntu

    Linux Support
    What you need: A CD burner or DVD burner A blank CD [700mb] or a blank DVD A copy of ImgBurn (Download and Install instructions are found in this article) A copy of Ubuntu (Download and Install instructions are found in this article) Downloads Warning the file size to download Ubuntu is...