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  1. It’s German Audio Performance – A Beyerdynamic DT 660 Premium Stereo Headphone Review

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    “Our brand is sponsored by a famous singer!” “Check out our brand, we have 7.1 audio in a headset!” We see these statements all the time when researching headphones. Businesses in the audio market use these particular statements to attain two goals. Goal number one being to increase popularity...
  2. Music that Booms – A Logitech UE Boom Review

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    Whether you are a college student looking to play some tunes outside or a car guy needing some background music while you tune up the car, portable speakers have become handy devices. Gone are the days of carrying around a boom box over your shoulder as technology has taken us into an era of...
  3. Is Your PC Running Slow...?

    Computer Security News
    Version control – v2.0 – dated November 2010 Version control - v2.1 - dated April 2012 - updated SysInternals link Version control – v2.2 – dated March 2014 - general updates, links and additions for Windows 8 Introduction This article is intended to provide you with some hints and tips when...
  4. TSF Hardware Team's Recommended Builds - 2014

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    Welcome to the 2014 Recommended Build Guide Custom Intel and AMD PC Builds Outstanding Quality, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Value Revised 1/1/14 and updated regularly! ** Read Here First! ** ** This build is now outdated! View the latest build guide here ! ** Here at TSF our...