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  1. Hard Drive Support
    Hey Guys, Thank you for reading - I need some help in identifying the best way to connect a older 6GB HDD. Context: This is a HDD from an old iRiver recorder that has stopped turning on. I've taken the HDD out and looking to connect to windows, and fingers crossed, it pops up like a...
  2. Smart Devices | General Topics
    I researched it a lot and tried different software but nothing seems to work. Tried all the free stuff first and the only that that seems possible is to get the text only through email. Can't see a way to transfer it to whatsapp. There seems to be some paid software out there but there's very...
  3. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    When it comes time for a new computer or you take the journey into the new world of solid state drives, the same problem arises: how am I going to move my data to my new drive? As time progresses, our hard drives rack up megabyte after megabyte of all of our personal data. Attempting to...
1-3 of 3 Results