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  1. Other Hardware Support
    My touchpad suddenly stops working while I'm using my Asus Zenbook. It starts working sometimes after I restart, or when I reboot, open the bios, exit, and restart again. But some time later on the issue arises again. When I check the device manager when the touchpad stops working, it either...
  2. Laptop Support
    Hi everyone, I was just playing this cps game online on my laptop, HP 250 G7, and its touchpad started to act abnormally from nowhere(while it was charging) & when I switched off the charger, it came back to its normal condition. Now, whenever I use my laptop, when its charger is plugged in, its...
  3. Laptop Support
    So I'm on my chromebook, and I'm using a touchpad (the little built in mousepad thing that acts as a mouse on laptops) and i turn on minecraft, so i'm making a world and when i turn to the left or right, the mouse only lets me turn a certain amount, it's still hitting the wall of my screen and...
1-3 of 4 Results