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    A prized possession of a lot of us is our car and automobiles. To most people its how we commute, to others, it's their livelihood. Instead of horses, we rely heavily on automobiles to transfer ourselves, goods, and services. Therefore, it’s easy to get into a bind if your car happens to break...
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    There is a great internet meme that shows a person walking around with earbuds in their ears. Then the caption of the meme is “I am not really listening to music, I just don’t want anybody to bother me”. As much as I enjoy talking to others, there are some times where I would happily sit in my...
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    We’ve all been there. You get out to your car one morning, hit the unlock button on your keys and nothing. The doors stay locked. You find it strange, so you manually unlock the doors to discover that your car battery has died. It could be worse, once my entire car shut down while driving...
1-3 of 3 Results