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  1. Laptop Support
    Hi there. Bought a laptop for christmas a couple weeks ago and have been saving it for today. So far in the last 3 hours it has crashed 3 times. Heres the rundown, specs at bottom. First time booted it up downloaded mozilla. Then downloaded steam, then epic. After logging in to steam the whole...
  2. Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    Hello Techsupportforum, I just found this forum on the internet but im pretty desperate and exhausted with this whole Hardware buying, delivering and now debugging of seemingly hardware problems. Here it comes: I have got a problem with my completely new build pc. The PC was running around...
  3. Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
    I've been having this problem for almost a month now. My desktop keeps on shutting down by itself everytime I play valorant or when I'm just browsing and also keeps on popping up calculator. At first I thought it was the power supply so I bought and changed it and for a week it didn't shut down...
1-3 of 3 Results