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  1. Video Card Support
    This all started since i installed a new m.2 ssd in my sistem, now I'm experiencing really bad stuttering and freezes while playing, I tried so many things as of now, but nothing seems to work. I need to solve this problem asap, please help me :c Specs: -B450 Aorus Pro (latest Bios version)...
  2. Video Card Support
    Hello! I´m experiencing this stutters/hitching situation since february 2021 and to this date I´m unable to figure out what is going on, and joined other forums to see what I´m able to do for my pc and my wallet. Build: -Ryzen 7 3700x -AsRock B550 Phantom Gaming Velocita -G skill tridentz Neo...
  3. Hard Drive Support
    I noticed I had these issues even on some of the oldest games like lego batman the video game. Before this I was playing batman arkham asylum and had a similar issue where it seems I get a momentary stutter whenever I had to replay a game from a checkpoint. I've already had these stuttering...
1-3 of 3 Results